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Original track Chiptune

Protomenstuck lyricsEdit

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Original LyricsEdit

Between the gaps in the trembling and calloused fingers that cradle his
heavy head, Light watches the mob of cowards carry Protoman's scarred helmet
-- all that was left of the Man Machine who would have been their savior. As
the crowd marches somberly back -- some to their homes, some to the
makeshift grave where Protoman's helmet would remain, all to slavery --
Light notices a tear streaming down the dorsum of his hand and feels a
breathtaking weight in his chest. What is this? Frustration? Humiliation?
Hatred? Certainly, these are there too. But no, this is more than that.
These emotions are his life. He has lived with them for so long that they no
longer affect him. Over the years he has learned to fight them, then ignore
than, and finally channel them into his work, his creation, his machine, his

So that was it. The source of tears and the pain that caused them. This time
he had built more than a machine. He had sent more than a robot to battle.
He had sent a man, his own son, to do the impossible, to save those who
could not be saved, to die.

There was the hatred again, the rage, welling inside of him. No more, he
thought, as he tore down the tools and parts that framed his apartment
workshop. Never again. "Mankind deserves the hell that they have brought
upon themselves" He smashed and cut, metal against metal, metal against
flesh, in an effort to destroy his own means of creation. He allowed the
tear to pour from his cheeks and mingle with the blood seeping from the cuts
in his torn and battered hands. He had set out to use these hands to destroy
his workshop but he now watched as they seemed to be creating of their own
accord. Pieces of machine from the floor were seized and fused. They began
to take form -- the form of Light's anger, the form of his guilt, the form
of his grief, the form of his love, the form of a son.

Years passed. Nothing changed. The human race seemed weary but content to
suffer under Dr. Wily and the robot army. In whispers, they still spoke of
Protoman. Eventually, Megaman would find out the truth. Dr. Light knew this.

When Megaman was old enough, Light called him into the workshop and began to
explain... ]