Liyuut Dongos, also known by his Pesterchum handle nightmareFoxxx, is a human lyricist for the Protomenstuck project. His quirks include bracket everything with "{" and "}", replacing some swears with other words (e.g. f**ck=fox, b***h=vixen) and tripling his x's. This is in no way related to the movie rating XXX, depicting extremely garish sexual acts, but an innocent quirk.

His lst name, Dongos, is a reference to "dodongos", a monster in the world of Legend of Zelda. His first name, Liyuut, coem from a shortened version of the two words "Heruet" and "Kitsune", meaning "Ferret" and "Fox", respectively.

Liyuut is a very loud and talkative person, and likes to make jokes often, even at his own expense. He stays up extremely late every night, much to his chargrin the next morning. He attends University, attempting to get a job teaching foreign languages to other students at University level.